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Week 5, Part 1

I compared Subway and Hungry bear. The two businesses share similar food items, the sandwich or sub. We have all had subway or have smelt the fresh bread baking from across the parking lot. But, there is something about a small business with an intriguingly cute name like 'Hungry Bear'. I am a big advocate for small businesses. In my opinion I believe that they are better! More love and attention goes into everything they do.

When looking at Hungry Bears online presence I thought it was pleasing to the eye. I was able to figure out where they are located, a personal picture of the employees, pictures of the menu and food, contact info and much more. Because it is a small business with only one location it is very different from Subways online presence. For example on Subways website they have their own app, how to apply for a franchise, how to own a Subway, worldwide location, weekly text or email offers.

These two business are the textbook version of what a sma…

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